New Reggie game gives you brain cells, study shows.

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A new game, titled “Club Reggie” has recently been released by Reggie. Researchers at Reggie University discovered that the game actually increases your brain cells 100% of the time. This research is surprising. Play the game at this link or go to

New iOS bug crashes any device

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A new CSS based bug was discovered in iOS that allows users to send a malicious link that, when opened, crashes and reboots your device. This is currently working on all devices running iOS, including  iOS 12. The code exploits a weakness in iOS’ web rendering engine WebKit, which Apple mandates all apps and browsers use. Nesting a ton of elements …

Man purchases 275 gallons of lube, secedes from US.

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A Florida man has seceded from the US after purchasing a large 275 gallon container of lubricant from Amazon. He then declared his 2 acre property “The Republic of Fapistan”. Local authorities are questioning the legality of the situation. We managed to interview the man in question, 43 year old Phillip Dickens, last Friday seceded from the US. “Why did …

God’s Fan

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A new song was just released by the rapper Keegan Da Veegan. It is titled “God’s Fan”. Listen to it on SoundCloud. The song is part of his new album “RIP XXXTENTACION” as a tribute to the rapper who died from a shooting yesterday. Keegan Da Veegan says that “He was a major inspiration that proved that anyone can make …

Izze EXPLODES in class!!!

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  Today in 1st hr, an Izze drink, sold in the morning at school, exploded. This poses a huge threat to anyone within a 100 mile radius, and we advise you to not buy them. According to our research, we believe that Kim Jong Un has been developing these weapons of mass destruction, and that they plan to launch a …

Reggie launches new interactive quizzes

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Today, Reggie announced a new quiz platform that is fun to play. It is similar to competitor BuzzFeed’s platform but with much improved content. Buzzfeed was blocked around April 16th by certain filters. This led to outrage in the community. We believed Buzzfeed’s content was bad and needed a competitor. “Unlike Buzzfeed, we don’t make extremely biased, ignorant content” Reggie Inc. …

Ajit Pai Makes Pilgrimage To Pie Factory

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On March 14th, a Reggie photographer captured Ajit Pai speaking at a religious ceremony in a Cub pie factory. It seems that they were conducting a  satanic ritual to the pie gods. At one point Ajit Pai was overtaken by the power of the pies and was brainwashed into seeing only pie. The ceremony lasted for 3.14 hours. Afterward Ajit …

School Walkout At 10AM

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The school walkout, planned for today, will take place at 10:00 am and will last 17 minutes, 1 for each victim of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. It will take place in the media center at MMW. You will be excused if you choose to go. The rules are that you can’t use your phone and you have to …


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A new song, Lil Minecraft, has been released by Soundcloud rapper Keegan Da Veegan. It is a Minecraft parody. Here are the lyrics: Shout out this is lil lil Minecraft, going hard on the (pause) Mobs! My first time crafting people, don’t hate! Shout out to my boys at minecon! I be flexin’ diamonds yah Like People call me the …


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A well known conman was found today selling something strange. We went to see what it was and noticed that it resembled our very own ReggieOS. We have not released ReggieOS yet so we knew something was up. Reader “TheBestBart” States “ReggieOS is complete” although we know this isn’t true. The scammer was selling a fake computer running ReggieOS, although …