No, Momo doesn’t actually exist.

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There have been recent waves of challenges, such as tide pods and snorting condoms, but this takes the cake as the most stupid of them all. The Momo Challenge, which has surfaced recently has been the center of attention for many news media outlets and parents alike. The challenge based on a sculpture created by Keisuke Aiso, who initially exhibited it …


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this egg has become the most liked post on Instagram due to idiots liking it. It has surpassed Kylie Jenner’s Instagram post which held the record at 18 million. The egg currently has over 40 million likes and that number keeps growing every second. The egg has gotten verified and has over 5 million followers. People are obsessing over this …

Club Reggie “Back Online” after being offline for 3 months.

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Back in September, we covered a new game called “Club Reggie”, based off of Disney’s now permanently discontinued Club Penguin/Club Penguin Island. It has many modifications, and most importantly, runs on mobile devices like iPads and iPhones and android devices. Just in the past couple of days, Club Reggie has been brought back online with major improvements from the previous …

How To Make Sure Your Bitcoin Transactions Are Done Anonymously

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Bitcoin is said to be anonymous because the registration and use of a Bitcoin wallet doesn’t require personal identification. However, contrary to popular belief, that anonymity is limited to the Blockchain. There’s always the risk of de-anonymization when using Bitcoin, especially if you are careless with your transactions and the overall security of your Bitcoin wallet. Before we look into …

New Lit Subreddit

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Join the new subreddit r/okbabaretard Join or else you have baba

New Reggie game gives you brain cells, study shows.

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A new game, titled “Club Reggie” has recently been released by Reggie. Researchers at Reggie University discovered that the game actually increases your brain cells 100% of the time. This research is surprising. Play the game at this link or go to

New iOS bug crashes any device

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A new CSS based bug was discovered in iOS that allows users to send a malicious link that, when opened, crashes and reboots your device. This is currently working on all devices running iOS, including  iOS 12. The code exploits a weakness in iOS’ web rendering engine WebKit, which Apple mandates all apps and browsers use. Nesting a ton of elements …

Man purchases 275 gallons of lube, secedes from US.

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A Florida man has seceded from the US after purchasing a large 275 gallon container of lubricant from Amazon. He then declared his 2 acre property “The Republic of Fapistan”. Local authorities are questioning the legality of the situation. We managed to interview the man in question, 43 year old Phillip Dickens, last Friday seceded from the US. “Why did …

God’s Fan

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A new song was just released by the rapper Keegan Da Veegan. It is titled “God’s Fan”. Listen to it on SoundCloud. The song is part of his new album “RIP XXXTENTACION” as a tribute to the rapper who died from a shooting yesterday. Keegan Da Veegan says that “He was a major inspiration that proved that anyone can make …

Izze EXPLODES in class!!!

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  Today in 1st hr, an Izze drink, sold in the morning at school, exploded. This poses a huge threat to anyone within a 100 mile radius, and we advise you to not buy them. According to our research, we believe that Kim Jong Un has been developing these weapons of mass destruction, and that they plan to launch a …